1. General terms

(1) The following terms and conditions of this event agreement exclusively form the
constituent part of the contractual relations between the organiser and the stall operator.
(2) The registration for each event is only possible in writing. Through the received online
- registration and acceptance of the event conditions, a legally binding and irrevocable
offer of the stall operator has taken.
(3) The organiser will be under no obligation to accept the offer. He will have the right to
reject the application without stating any reason for such rejection.
The acceptance of the offer takes place through the organiser by sending a confirmation
via email in the year of the event. The contract will be concluded
by sending this booking confirmation.
(4) Through the registration and acceptance of the event conditions, the stall operators
acknowledge the conditions and commits to abide by them. General terms and
conditions of the stall operator are not applied. The specified contact person agrees as
authorized agent. The organiser reserves the right to change the exact stall area at short
notice, if necessary, subject, however, to such changes being reasonably acceptable to
the stall operator and in consideration of the organiser’s interests.
(5) The data gained from the application form will be saved in consideration of
para. 33 of the Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.
(6) Additional agreements and alterations or amendments to the contract will be
subject to the organiser´s confirmation in writing. The same applies to any
alteration in respect of this agreement.

2. Stall construction and design

(1) Stall construction and design must comply with all legal rules and regulations; this
applies in particular to the general and individual legal terms of construction including
the prevailing local regulations and specific conditions of the event. The construction
materials used for the stall must also comply with all legal rules and regulations, in
particular building inspection and fire protection rules. Furthermore, the stalls will have
to be designed and constructed in such manner that no damage is likely to be caused
to any person or property nor that persons or property are placed in jeopardy, impeded
or pestered in any way. The organiser may request a visual presentation of the stall
concept at the stall operator without any reason. The booth concept must be provided
to the organisers at the online platform www.online-registration.de/partner in their own
customer profile by uploading them in PDF or JPEG.
(2) Constructional changes to the area and the ground are prohibited. Any extension to
the booked stall area will - if such change is feasible - be subject to additional charges.
Any reduction of the stall area caused by projections, pillars, flagpoles or light masts will
not have any reducing effect on the stall rental.
(3) If a stall operator cancels his stall at short notice, the appropriate terms of cancellation
shall apply and the stall can be passed on to another applicant. If any of the
constructions or event modules, etc., require a special license, such licenses have to be
carried and shall be produced to the organiser on request.
(4) Permission of the organiser is required for the distribution of promotional material or
samples outside of a stand.

3. Domiciliary rights and security

(1) The organiser will provide general security and supervision. This is limited exclusively
to the security of the site and does not include individual security service to the stalls.
(2) The organiser has all domiciliary rights within the compound of the exhibition ground.
All instructions/directions given by the organiser, his agents and his employees must be
strictly obeyed. The organiser has the right to remove from the stall any articles on display,
which are in contradiction to the prevailing law or offend against common decency
and/or are inappropriate to the exhibition program. Advertising for political or ideological
purposes is prohibited.

4. Stall operator’ liabilities

The stall operator will be liable for unlimited compensation to the stall operator, if he,
his staff or his contractors (e.g. staff employed by the stall operator’s stall construction
company) or other persons, who act on behalf of the stall operator within the compound
of the exhibition site, cause any damage to the organiser.

5. Organiser’s liabilities

Compensation claims brought forward by the stall operator against the organiser, for
whatever legal reason, are excluded. This does not apply, if the organiser, his legal
representatives or his assistants in the execution of his duties have acted with intent or
with gross negligence or the organiser is duly liable due to accountable damage resulting
from injuries to the life, the body or the health of a person or the breach of integral
contractual obligations.

6. Force majeure and similar incidents

In the case the stall rental contract cannot be executed due to force majeure, economic
reasons or other reasons, which are beyond the control of the organiser, the organiser
has the right to withdraw from the contract. In such a case, the stall organiser will be
entitled to a refund on all stall rentals paid in advance. Any additional claims, in particular
claims on loss of earnings, will be excluded.

7. Calculation of stall sizes

The stall area will be computed from the booked number of square meters times the
price per square meter. Additional costs for electricity, water (optional) and security,
disposal was (obligatory) are flat rates, which will also have to be paid to the organiser.

8. Communal stall

The stall operator is not permitted, without obtaining the organisers prior approval, to
change the position of the stall area or to exchange, divide or allow part or complete
access in any other way to any third parties. The use of the stall to any other enterprise
with its own exhibition goods is subject to the organisers’ approval. In such a case, a fee
of Euro 250.00 will be charged to the main exhibitor/stall operator. The main exhibitor/
stall operator will be liable for his own default.

9. Exhibitors’ passes

For all Festivals, stall operators will receive a number of exhibitors’ passes free
of charge. The stall operator needs to provide the names of the stall staff to get a free
exhibitors’ pass for them.

10. Cancellation

(1) Cancellation by the stall operator will have to be made in writing and forwarded to the
organiser by postal service, via email (event@delius-klasing.de) or by facsimile message.
(2) In the case of cancellation, the stall operator will be obliged to pay the
following costs:
• Cancellation up to 42 calendar days prior to the first day of the event: 25% of the
agreed invoice amount
• Cancellation up to 21 calendar days prior to the first day of the event: 75% of the
agreed invoice amount
• Cancellation within less than 20 calendar days prior to the first day of the event:
100% of the agreed invoice amount
The stall operator will be responsible for providing evidence that the cancellation has not
caused any or only minor damage to the organiser.

11. Terms of payment and attendance

(1) Subject to any written or other special agreement, the agreed payments will have
to be paid to the organiser in full without any reduction two weeks after invoicing, but
to make bookings at short notice at least two weeks prior to the event, to the organiser.
In the case of default to keep the agreed terms of payment, the organiser will have the
right, having previously granted the stall operator an additional term of payment and this
deadline was not met again, to withdraw from the contract concerned and to dispose
of the stall area as he pleases. The right to claim any other compensation for damage
resulting from delay will be reserved.
(2) In the case of a short-term booking, the agreed remuneration will have to be paid in
cash at the exhibition office, at the latest prior to the construction of the stall; otherwise
the status can not be obtained.

12. Assignment of rights

The stall operator will not be permitted to assign his rights from this contract to any other
enterprise or institution without previously obtaining the organiser’s written approval.

13. Final provisions

(1) With his or her signature on the application form, the stall location operator
acknowledges the binding nature of these event terms and obligates him/herself
to their compliance. General Terms of Business of the stall location operator
have no application. The signatory declares his/her status as an authorized
(2) The place of fulfillment and the legal domicile for all disputes emerging from
the business arrangement for which these event terms apply is the business
headquarters of the event promoter, and this indeed for proceedings opened by the
event promoter as well as for proceedings opened against the event promoter. These
terms do not apply for business transactions with stall location operators who are neither
traders as defined by the Federal Commercial Code nor separate assets nor legal
entities of public law, as well as for those transactions with a trader which are not a part
of his/her trade business.
(3) The relationships between the event promoter and the stall location operators are
exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, nevertheless under
exclusion of the conflict legislation.
(4) If individual provisions of these general terms of business are or become impracticable,
then such does not affect the practicability of the remaining provisions. In place of
the impracticable provision, the legally valid regulation which most closely approximates
the intended purpose of the impracticable provision applies.
Place of jurisdiction is Bielefeld. German law is valid